The year 1990 -The hit "Sending All My Love" The band Linear.

Exploding out of Miami is one way to describe this group consisting of members Charlie Pennachio (Vocals), Wyatt Pauley(Guitars) and Joey Restivo(Percussion).If you asked anyone from the Bay Area to New York who Linear was they would tell you they might be one of the original boy bands.

The trio formed after stints in others bands. Charlie was an original member of Dance Artist Stevie B and Producer turned Dance Artist Tolga's Miami crew band. Wyatt as well as Joey also played in the band Tolga.The groups first CD was produced and written by Tolga Katas and the bands Charlie Pennachio and released under Futura International Records owned by Tolga and Charlie.

Listener reaction was overboard and the single entered the national pop charts in the U.S. Atlantic records caught wind of the band and tracked down the boys,and soon signed Linear to a recording contract."Sending All My Love" soared into the U.S. top five and earned RIAA Platinum certification,while Linear's debut album went on to earn gold and platinum awards in other countries around the globe.As their popularity took off the trio hit the road -in the U.S. and overseas.They thrilled concert audiences from Aruba to Japan.With over 2 million records sold world wide, Mtv music videos and covers of Teen magazines under their belts one would think the music business has seen the last of this band.

Not true, Charlie has been working with and writing and producing music for popular artists (Anastacia,Mandy Moore,Gioia Bruno and Big & Rich to name a few.So look out for 2006 the band Linear is back with new music and a new tour.



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