Rob Base & EZ Rock



This Light-hearted, New York-based rap unit distinctive through its exploration of musical genres, and an aversion to speech-only raps.

Samples and lifts from Motown, James Brown (paricularly on the latter's production of Lyn Collins' "Think (About It)", which gave them a breakthrough hit in 1988 with "It Takes Two") and others set the tone for the duo, while Base's lyrics, although tending to highlight his romantic prowess, do so in a way which doesn't reach the listener as egotistical. He got into trouble for sampling Maze's "Joy And Pain", however, when he neglected to credit its source. Base (b. Robert Ginyard, Harlem, New York) jettisoned DJ E-Z Rock (b. Rodney Bryce, Harlem, New York) in time for his second album, which this time round hoisted choruses from Marvin Gaye, Edwin Starr and even native American rock band, Redbone. The most effective slice of the action was a reworking of Starr's classic "War" cut.





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