Born Sandra Mercedes Zeno on the lower east side of Manhattan, Sandee' left New York at the age of 9 when her family moved to Florida. Determined to make it on her own, she left home at the age of 15, got married at 16 and had a son at the age of 17. Then something happened that changed her life.


"I hadn't been thinking about the music business, you know?" "Then one night I was hanging out with some friends at a club in Miami when one of them dared me to go up and sing with the house band so I decide to take them up on it and the crowd went wild." It must have been part of God's plan because a friend of a producer (Lewis Martinee) was in the audience and he approached Sandee' about a girl group that they were putting together and he wanted her to audition. Sandee' decided to give it a shot and was chosen to be one of three girls that later formed the group Expose'. Sandee' got the opportunity to sing on two of Expose's hit singles "Point of No Return" and "Expose to Love".

With her heart set on a solo career, Sandee' left Expose' to release her own single on Atlantic Records entitled "You're the One". It went on to top the charts for more thqn 10 weeks and established her as one of the premiere solo artists on the dance-pop scene. Her second single "Notice Me", which was written and produced by C&C Misic Factory's David Cole and Robert Clivilles, was released on Fever Records. The house version of "Notice Me" went on to explode in the club scene.

Not long after the release of "Notice Me', Sandee' signed a record deal with Columbia Records, recorded an album and released her third single "Love Desire" which went on to top the pop charts.

After much touring and a hectic lifestyle, Sandee' decided to take some time off to reflect on her life and focus on what was most important to her and that was her family.

Well, several years have gone by and Sandee'  is now back stronger than ever and with a story to tell. "You never know what obstacles you may have to face in life," she says. "But as long as you overcome them and learn from them, they are well worth it."

During her hiatus, Sandee' has written several songs which she plans on recording and releasing in the near future. Until then, Sandee' is looking forward to performing and telling her story.




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