Disappearing Act: What Happened to Freestyle?

It is both loved and hated by the masses. For many, it is the soundtrack for a simpler time, set in a grittier New York City. It filled a void for many “danceaholics” during the 1980’s and into the early 90’s. It is at once, uniquely Latino, embraced by the Italian community and spawned from the birth of Hip-Hop. It is Freestyle.

R.I.P Erika Roman

Born and raised in New York City, this young vivacious Latina has been earning her strips in the music biz for a decade. In her late teens, under the tutelage of New York entertainment impresario Sal Abbatiello, of Fever Records, Erika was being groomed for success. Simultaneously, she began promoting nightclubs while she attended Marymount Manhattan College, in New York. Here she attained a BA in Communications and Media.

Grandmaster Flash

During Hip-Hop's 30yr+ history, few names have become as well known to music lovers across the globe as that of DJ Grandmaster Flash. Not only is he one of the three pioneers responsible for the musical genre called Hip-Hop, but his use of the turntables made him the first dj to play the turntables as a musical instrument, thus helping to elevate the status of the dj to a masterful, artistic position. He is also responsible for assembling one of the earliest and greatest rap groups of all time - The Furious Five. These are some of the hallmarks of a career which has extended from the Bronx in the early 1970s to all corners of the globe into the 21st Century.
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