Fever Freestyle Flashback


Product Description

Fever Freestyle Flashback.

Track Listing:

  1. “Into” DJ PAYBACK
  2. “Because Of You” COVER GIRLS
  3. “Time & Time Again” LUIS DAMON
  4. “A Day In My Life” LISETTE MELENDEZ
  5. “Lover” TONY MORAN
  6. “Change On Me” CYNTHIA
  7. “Show Me” COVER GIRLS
  8. “Should’ve Never Let me Go” LUIS DAMON
  9. “Forever Amor” D’ZARE”
  10. “Please Don’t Go” NAYOBE
  11. “Don’t Tell Me Till Tomorrow” ANGEL CIVILLES
  12. “One More Chance For Love” L.A.W.
  13. “Wasn’t Love” FASCINATION
  14. “Those Were The Times” MIGUEL REYES
  15. “Intro” DJ PAYBACK
  16. “Time Passes By” LISETTE MELENDEZ
  17. “I Need Your Love” MONTAGE
  18. “What Am I To Do” NAYOBE
  19. “On The Edge” THE LATIN RASCALS
  20. “Inside Outside” COVER GIRLS
  21. “Together Forever” LISETTE MELENDEZ
  22. “Endless Nights” CYNTHIA
  23. “You Said You Loved Me” SAFIRE
  24. “Prisoner Of Love” JOEL
  25. “Stay With Me Tonight” LERGACY
  26. “Be Sure” SAMANTHA
  27. “Girls Do It Just For Fun” LEGACY
  28. “Within My Heart” VOYCE


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