Freestyle Fever’s Divas

Freestyle Fever Divas Vol 1


Product Description

Freestyle Fever Divas Vol 1.

Track Listing:

  1. Joyce Sims “You are My (All & All)”
  2. The Cover Girls “Show Me”
  3. Fascination “Why Ya Wanna Go”
  4. Sandee “Notice Me”
  5. Lisette Melendez “Together Forever”
  6. Cynthia “Change on Me”
  7. Judy Torres “Come Into My Arms”
  8. Nayobe “Please Don’t Go”
  9. Safire “You Said You Loved Me”
  10. April “Someone to Hold”
  11. Yolanda Milla “When The Pieces Fall”
  12. Jeme “Let Me Go”
  13. Lil’ Suzy “Take me in Your Arms”
  14. DJ Johnny Budz “Super Mega Mix”


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