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Freestyle Lives


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Freestyle Lives.

Track Listing:

  1. SAFIRE “You Said You Loved Me”
  2. LISETTE MELENDEZ “Time Passes By”
  3. LUIS DAMON “Time And Time Again”
  4. ANGEL CLIVILLIES “Don’t Tell Me ‘Til Tomorrow”
  5. FASCINATION “Wasn’t Love”
  6. TONY MORAN “On The Edge”
  7. NAYOBE “What Am I To Do”
  8. MONTAGE “I Need Your Love”
  9. GEORGE LAMOND “Distant Heart”
  10. THE COVER GIRLS “I Need Your Lovin'”
  11. STEVIE B “4U”
  12. Lil’ JOHANNA “Take Me In Your Arms Again”


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