Luis Damon

Born and raised in New York City, Luis Damon was exposed to music at an early age. His father, renowned guitarist Luis Cruz, performed with many of the top trios and conjuntos that played traditional Puerto Rican folk music throughout Puerto Rico and the city. In addition, Luis was influenced by the classic 70s R&B and Freestyle artists of the 80s.

La India

La India may have exhibited a range of musical abilities over the course of her long and winding career, from freestyle and house to Latin pop and reggaeton, but she'll be defined forever by her run of chart-topping New York salsa hits for the RMM label in the mid- to late '90s, when she was crowned the Princess of Salsa by none other than Celia Cruz.

The Cover Girls

The Cover Girls phenomenon was growing. Along with concert performances, they appeared on every music and video television show on the air at that time. They were featured on Nickelodeon, Soul Train, Showtime at the Apollo, MTV, MTV international, and the Disney Channel numerous times.

George Lamond

The afternoon is slow. No different from any other. Thomas, a ten-year-old kid, has just made his way home from school. He recently started a new hobby, collecting old vinyl records. He started this hobby when his older cousin donated to him an old turntable and some crates full of old records from the twentieth century, late nineteen hundreds to be exact.


Born Wilma Cosme in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Safire moved to East Harlem with her family as a child and spend her childhood years singing in school and church. By age 16 she was on her way to realizing that goal by paying for vocal lessons with an after-school job.Safire's recording career began with a successful audition for an independent label, Cutting Records, which was seeking a young girl to sing a 12 inch single they planned to release.

Johnny O

Johnny O Born in Brooklyn, New York Johnny had no idea what was headed for his life. In 1988 Johnny O recorded which is today one of the most famous and played freestyle records around the world "Fantasy Girl," this platinum single which was just the beginning of his career started Johnny on a journey that today embodies several successful recorded hits around the world.


Hit the ground running with the release of his knockdown dragout smash dance single, "Silent Morning" released in the first half of 1987. We had to wait until September of 1988 for his first album to be released in its entirety. Another hit to come off was "Like A Child", while songs like "Change" and "City Streets", among others, further demonstrated Noel's writing skills and vocal talent.

Judy Torres

Born and raised in the Bronx, and now a Jersey City resident, raised in a single parent home, Judy Torres is an independent, self-sufficient woman who lives out her dreams every day and continues to strive to grow and progress. From childhood, she decided one day, while taking a bath, that singing was what would save her from the challenges and struggles in day to day life. She instinctively knew that singing was her calling - whether or not she could sing.

Nina Sky

Identical twins Natalie and Nicole Albino came up with the name Nina Sky by combining the first two letters of their first names for "Nina" and tacked "Sky" on the end to represent their shared aspirations.

Lisa Lisa

Before Gloria Estefan and the Miami sound machine took the world by storm, raising international awareness of latin rhythms, several other latin divas were making names for themselves and drawing attention to the contributions of latin artists.

Stevie B

Singer, songwriter, and producer Stevie B. was among the leading lights of the Miami dance music scene of the late '80s, later reaching the top of the pop charts with the mega-hit "Because I Love You (The Postman Song)."


Singer Shannon hit gold with the trendsetting, pulsating dance classic "Let the Music Play" and other similar-sounding hits in the mid-'80s that helped lay the foundation for the '90s electronica music genre. Born Brenda Shannon Greene in 1958 in Washington, D.C., Shannon grew up in Brooklyn and attended York University, majoring in accounting and minoring in music.


At just thirty years old, Nayobe Gomez has spent the last fifteen years of her life in the music business. Since the phenomenal success of her 1985 debut single "Please Don’t Go," Nayobe has carved out a career for herself, consisting of numerous singles, two English language albums, and a Latin release, Dame Un Poco Mas. Most recently, Nayobe’s voice can be heard in the film 54, dubbing her voice for Salma Hayek’s during her character’s singing debut.

Brenda K Starr

has been internationally recognized as a leader in the Latin music explosion for many years. Also known as "the Diva of Salsa", the sultry singer and interpreter returns after a three years hiatus with her new production "Atrevete a Olvidarme", which fittingly translates to "I Dare you to forget me".

Debbie Gibson

Deborah exploded on the pop music scene at the tender age of 16 and continues today to be a creative force in the entertainment industry who does it all by transcending music and entertainment trends and fads. She quickly became the youngest person ever to write, produce and perform a #1 single (“Foolish Beat”), a record which she still proudly holds to this day.


Expose is an American vocal group. Primarily consisting of lead vocalists Ann Curless, Jeanette Jurado, and Gioia Bruno, the group was popular in the late 1980's and early 1990's, their first seven singles reaching the Top 10 position on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, including the 1988 #1 hit Season's Change. The group actively toured and recorded music from 1985 to 1995, then retired from recording and public performances until 2003.


Giggles was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico she moved to New York at the early age of eleven where she obtained her vocal and musical talent.  She studied at Lehman college and got her degree in the performing arts.

Lisette Melendez

Lisette Melendez grew up in East Harlem where she still resides, and where she began to take an interest in singing at the age of 12. Both her mother and her aunt sang in church and in community theaters, inspiring Lisette to take a chance.

Fat Joe

"I am a warrior. I am tough. I fight through all adversity. The great ones fought through adversity. I can name about 400 groups that came and went, even more, through the time of my struggle in hip-hop. Everybody counts me out every couple of years and I come back better than ever, bigger than ever." -Fat Joe

Kim Sozzi

Kim Sozzi’s self-titled debut album is a sexy electronic pop album that showcases her extensive vocal range and lyrical creativity. Having worked with top-name musicians and having her songs used in various mainstream entertainment projects, Kim chose to sign with Berman Brothers’ label BAB Music when the labels came knocking.


Taking centerstage by storm, Robbins Entertainment/BMG recording artist, Reina hasn’t skipped a beat since her debut blockbuster, Find Another Woman hit the airwaves back in 1999. In just a few weeks this song catapulted to ..2 on Billboards Dance Chart. Produced by Grammy award winner Hex Hector Billboard Magazine proclaims, It has been far too long since club land has given birth to a singer with such strong mainstream appeal.


AMBER ’s track record of club and pop hits such as “This is Your Night,” “Above the Clouds,” “If You Could Read My Mind” (the hit from the “ Studio 54” film soundtrack with Ultra Nate and Jocelyn Enriquez,) “Sexual (Li Da Di),” “Yes” and “Need to Be Naked,” defined her as a dance diva with a flair for the mainstream. AMBER also made her big screen debut in the much talked about film Studio 54, performing the song as part of the trio.


R&B's Lumidee (born Lumidee Cedeño) began singing and rapping at the age of 12, and was 19 years old when her recordings first hit the streets. After graduation, the Spanish Harlem native hooked up with producer DJ Ted Smooth to record the single "Never Leave You (Uh-Oooh)" for his independent Straight Face label.

Lucas Prata

From The Today Show on NBC, ABC’s Good Morning America, NY Times, and Billboard Magazine… Lucas Prata’s duet with Dan Balan of O-Zone “Ma Ya Hee-Dragostea din Tei” (The Numa Numa Song) has been keeping the Ultra Records franchise busy. “Ma Ya Hee” originally recorded and produced by Dan Balan of O-Zone has been #1 in 27 countries and has sold over 8 million singles throughout the world in various languages.


An accomplished singer, dancer and actress, Corina Katt Ayala was born to Puerto Rican parents and raised in such urban environs as New York's Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx. The raven-haired Corina exhibited an early aptitude for entertaining that led to years of formal training in ballet, voice and theatre before landing her first recording contract with...


Born Jeffrey Martinez in Jersey City, NJ, SOAVE has dominated dance charts across the United States and over seas. He began singing professionally in 1989 after meeting producer, Owen "O.S." Soba who recorded his first single, the dance classic "Crying Over You" which catapulted SOAVE into the national spotlight.

Information Society

An agreeable dance outfit with ties to industrial music, techno, and funk plus an equally appreciable pop sense, Information Society hit the dance clubs and later the charts with their infectious breakout single, 1988's "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy).

Ruperto Vanderpool

Ruperto is currently featured in the major motion picture "The Cookout" produced by Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Films and Lions Gate Films, in theaters September 3rd, 2004. A natural born comedian who's best know for his pantomiming humor and his endless variety of facial expressions and characters.

Pretty Poison

JADE STARLING'S & PRETTY POISON This award winning singer/ songwriter is best known for the #1 platinum 80’s smash hit "Catch Me I'm Falling" on Virgin Records. Along with co-founder, musician/producer/ arranger Whey Cooler, they are the driving force of Pretty Poison.


If Boyz II Men are portrayed as a clean-cut, wholesome R&B vocal group, then Jodeci's wild, sexual, bad-boy image represents the other side of the coin. Made up of two sets of brothers, the group's name is a consolidation of three members' aliases:"JoJo" Hailey, Donald "DeVante Swing" DeGrate, and Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey; the group also includes Dalvin DeGrate.

The Trammps

The Trammps began in Philadelphia in 1972 featuring vocalist, Jimmy Ellis, Harold Doc Wade, Stanley Wade and Earl Young and traveled with as many as 11 members, culled from the ranks of the busiest and best musicians, many of whom also played for Gamble and Huff's Philly International and later for Vince Montana's Salsoul Orchestra.

Debbie Deb

At just 16 years old, she had a hit record after being “discovered” at a north Miami record store. Her two releases for Jam Packed Records…”When I hear Music”, and “Lookout Weekend” have become Freestyle classics on crossover radio, and can still be heard often on those stations during mix shows. Now, after a little time to herself, she is back with an all new live show, and new hit tracks to be released with a target date of Summer, 2004

Crystal Waters

Over the course of her career, Crystal Waters has refused to play by the rules. When dance music was just considered disposable entertainment, Crystal injected the beats with social commentary and introduced a cool ironic style that distinguished her from the stereotypical leather lunged divas. The result was 1990's gold debut Surprise and the now classic smash, "Gypsy Woman."

Doug E. Fresh

The first human beatbox in the rap world, and still the best of all time, Doug E. Fresh amazed audiences with his note-perfect imitations of drum machines, effects, and often large samples of hip-hop classics. Fresh was born Doug E. Davis in Barbados, and his first appearance came in 1983 on a single for Spotlight called "Pass the Budda," with Spoonie Gee and DJ Spivey.

Big Daddy Kane

Emerging during hip-hop's massive creative expansion of the late '80s, Big Daddy Kane was the ultimate lover man of rap's first decade, yet there was more to him than the stylish wardrobe, gold jewelry, and sophisticated charisma. Kane possessed a prodigious rhyming technique honed from numerous B-boy battles;

Hip Hop


This Latin-flavoured hip-hop unit from Manhattan, New York, USA found chart success in 1993 with the addictive and anthemic "Come Baby Come".


With the hits “Change On Me,” “Thief of Hearts,” “Love Me Tonight” and “Dream Boy/ Dream Girl” under her belt, all garnering Billboard chart action, Cynthia is poised to go to the next level of her career.

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